Since 2001 we have served in the Destin, FL area with the strong belief that the constant will to learn and progress within our industry is a necessity. Proudly offering a variety of styles, and services we recommend you stop by and see for yourself what hard work, a team environment, and family can do.


Alan’s Cool Ink offers a small but well rounded staff. We find that a tight knit group of skilled team members and family produces the best results. Quality over Quantity, here at Alan’s Cool Ink we take pride in that we are fortunate enough to love our jobs and the people we spend our time with as well as all the amazing customers we have met and are yet to meet!

Monica, Owner

Manager Tattoo Artist



Events are a work in progress but be sure to check back for interesting things, we will update this information soon!

Jewelry and Piercings

Offering the most modern piercing techniques and a light, clean, and spacious studio, you’ll find yourself at ease in a welcoming atmosphere. A wide range of piercing from the more common navel and nipple piercings to more advanced male and female genital piercings and everything in between is available. All piercings are carried out in a private consultation room ensuring you one of the best piercing experiences.